Titanium Energy Bracelet

Always in style. Simple but elegant. The concept behind titanium germanium bracelets is to restore a balance to the magnetic field around the body and promote positive flow of energy. When germanium comes in contact with our skin, it releases negative ions into our system to neutralize the positive ions that are stressful to our body. Magnetic therapy has been found to speed healing and improve quality of sleep, relieve stress, anxiety, fatigue, improve blood circulation and enhance metabolism. 

Two bracelets to choose from:

  • 80 stones: 4 Nano Stones per link - each 8 inch bracelet has 80 germanium stones
  • 20 stones: 1 Large Stone per link - each 7.5 inch bracelet has 20 germanium stones, slightly thinner then 80 stone model.
Save $4 when you buy set of 2. Free shipping worldwide.

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